Saturday, August 20, 2005

Its that time of the year again...Wedding month
not only is it the wedding month, its also the mooncake festival. To date have received 2 chinese + 1 malay wedding invitations and 1 more on the way, which i m very much looking forward to. After 7 years of marriage myself, its good to know my friends have finally found their soul mates as well. Wish you all many years of happy marriage. Also be warned and expect for many quarrels in the initial years, its getting to know and live with each other. I survived it so can u.
How can you tell after some time if a couple is happy together is the weight both has put on. Especially when its mooncake festival. Too much will 'kill' u, none will too... Someone will be able to tell u how 'cruel' of me to not have given him any mooncake that year and i thot I was doing him a favour to his health... so much for care and concern sometimes. Somethings are better left unchanged.
Enjoy feasting this month.


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