Monday, July 06, 2009

on my mind:
1) "to let go is a form of love"
Trust me I know what being spoilt is. And thats no way to teach a child further more an adult. One learns best when they are left on their own. One will get wiser from a fall than not get hurt before. A parent's wish when raising a child is to see him/her to stand on their own feet, be independent, self sustainable and hopefully payback to our elders, so that they can have a more comfortable life.
Parents on the other hand loves all their children and their babies will always remain their 'babies'. Not forgetting, the rule of the young paying back will always stay. Equipped with education and healthy upbringing, everyone is capable of being self sustainable. Yes it hurts parents to not help your 'babies' and they would help without they way they know how without a thot. Its the free giving of $ that would only make the younger ones be dependent on the source.


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