Wednesday, September 21, 2005

BEP Concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium Sept 2005
I could only get tix at $99 on 19 Sep, 6pm, all other tix are either soldout (even $119) or left with single seats.They were selling T-shirts for SGD$40 !! No merchandise worth getting la.We were early, the show started at 8 with local Beat Box competition (using only your mouth to create all kindsa sounds) and a 15 year old won thecompetition. I must say he's got talent and creativity. Wish him all thebest. After that, we waiting a w..h..i..l..e.. till they finally came out at 9!And everyone screamed like crazy (which includes me of course). They were GREAT! Each person including the musicians (I call them music engineers) showcased their talents. They got everyone jumping out of their seats,dancing, participating with each number. I think the people sitting behindus were fed up with us for standing up blocking their view. Fergie sang a looong note lying on the floor & Al went really close to the audience STANDING ON THE BARRIER singing. The show ended at 11.Pictures taken were no good but here they are: BEP concert , POD cast

At the same time, I would like to pay tribute to a very nice guy who died on 21/09/05 morning. I got the news when i met an ex-colleague who told me he died of bone cancer. He was one of the nicest guy i know. its so sad he has left us so early. God bless.


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