Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quidam was really Good. Altho many said its not as good as the previous 2 shows. To me watching them live was really Great. My friends and I were excited and really looking forward to the show. Thankfully, there was no rain so walking to the Chapiteau was nice. Entering the venue, we saw many really nice masks which costs up to $400! Cheapest was $35 but are really nice. We took pictures of course. One lesson I learnt is to bring your own bottle of water cos they usually charge high price ie $5.00 for a bottle of mineral water and $7.00 for pop corn smaller than what you get at cinemas. I would say the best seats are directly in front of the stage cos at some part of the show, not only will you get to participate, the acrobats may hang directly above you. Those who got seats on the last row, don't think you'll miss much cos the seating isn't too far away. I enjoyed the show a lot, most of the time I was watching with my jaws almost on the floor, holding by breath for each act, each jump and flip, if not, the other 20% was laughing at my hardest at the clowns. The acrobats are all very elegant at each move and flawless at every act. To sum it all, GREAT SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED.
p.s. the only free thing given out was cards with a lucky draw.


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