Monday, December 12, 2005

FINALE: Final 3 - Steph (fav), Rafe (Mastermind) & Dannii (cld hav been voted out before left standing. All thanks to internet, the result is Rafe being voted out leaving Steph - to face a jury which is NOT in favour of her and Dannii - WHO IS THE SURVIVOR GUATEMALA.

I'm sad Steph dint win but this time she wasnt smart playing her game. She seemed like the bad guy whereas actually the mastermind behind who to vote off was Rafe. Lucky him he won a few immunitys. The challenges this time is a lot tougher. We'll definitely see Jeff for the next Survivor. Thot I'll get to see the reunion on Monday nite on Ch 5. Mediacorp wat happened!! Now we'll hav to wait till friday.


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