Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blogging & Podcasting
In a country i'm in, blogging is not entirely freedom of speech, alto i CAN say whatever i want. After creating my blog, I realised I used it like a notepad, where I jot down my thots feelings, reminders & references (websites).
However I can't store Giga Bytes of files or media or I'll be charged of illegal file-sharing, eventho its only for my own ref..? I dono...
I jus hope the 20 GB iPod & PC doesn't die on me or I'll lost mobile entertainment.
Podcasting sounds interesting however I think technology is ahead of our time (at least mine for now) that I feel I need a life - meaning, doing simple things i miss, walk along the beach, cycling in the park, smelling flowers and appreciating mother nature.
Still nothing beats doing simple things in life like when we were kids.