Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Watched Forbidden City on Monday. IT WAS GREAT, GO SEE IT. Altho Kit Chan was the main star that night, the other performers were great too. Liked Hossan Leong and Sebastian Tan as record keepers, were comical and sang really well. Thot the first half was great the second half was better. Not only was the performance marvellous, it told a touching story of Empress Dowager esp second half where she felt responsible for her actions as a result to Civil War in China and at the same time very mistaken by bad press. Kit Chan's performance was so captivating many were humming the signature song while making their way out. All in all, shld not miss this show. Good storyline and fantastic performance.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Its been a long time. Have been trying roller blading. yeah really. Dainty me, Un-agile person, un-interested in sporting activities has enrolled for blading! Only first lesson wana give up oredy! Landed on butt a few times - its no joke still aching after 3 days. tried it on my own at hdb corridor - lost balance and on right butt again. However as they say, "NO PAIN NO GAIN" Its a matter of wan the pain to gain? or not pain at all. It all boils down to how much i wana gain from this. The real motive is so that i can blade my way to a slim figure after pregnancy. Anyway I always take longer than others when learning anything. Besides, I can swim. I learnt tennis, badminton can cycle, so not too bad right.. still got hope. Shld I go for next class or not....? It has also been a long time since I went for a theater show. I'm going tomorrow to Esplanade my first time there for a show, watching Forbidden City by my favourite local singer, Kit Chan. Shld be good since 3rd running? Hope its not crowded on the way there since that area may be affected by IMF. Looking forward to another exciting week with prep to D&D following week.