Saturday, August 20, 2005

Its that time of the year again...Wedding month
not only is it the wedding month, its also the mooncake festival. To date have received 2 chinese + 1 malay wedding invitations and 1 more on the way, which i m very much looking forward to. After 7 years of marriage myself, its good to know my friends have finally found their soul mates as well. Wish you all many years of happy marriage. Also be warned and expect for many quarrels in the initial years, its getting to know and live with each other. I survived it so can u.
How can you tell after some time if a couple is happy together is the weight both has put on. Especially when its mooncake festival. Too much will 'kill' u, none will too... Someone will be able to tell u how 'cruel' of me to not have given him any mooncake that year and i thot I was doing him a favour to his health... so much for care and concern sometimes. Somethings are better left unchanged.
Enjoy feasting this month.

Kelly vs Kelvin
Who will win S'pore's superstar? I say Kelly coz she's got her supporters but i like Kelvin cos even if you dont know him when you hear him sing slow balads with your eyes closed you get moved by him. i like watching the final 3 boys they were better than the final 2 girls tho. the few episodes before the finale is a must watch! so dont miss. I hope kelvin gets the title despite his handicap, he just needs some polishing on his singing techniques.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Lobster is Home
Day 1 - we reached Ferry terminal early was given earlier ferry to Bintan. Reached Nirwana Resort cld only check-in at 3pm so walked around -a few times, rested, tried to read..sleep..The moment we dumped our stuff in the room, we head for the pool. Went to pasar after dinner - end up waiting 2 hours for the next (last) bus back to resort. Cldn't sleep @nite coz arms were soo aching it hurt and I only swampt a few strokes leisurely. Dat shows how much i've not been exercising.
Day 2 - Stayed in pool almost the whole afternoon.. where i turned to lobster . Went for spa in evening which was really nice tho expensive. the walk at the powdery sand at the beach was really nice.
Day 3 - Another loong wait to our evening trip home, so since we had time, we took the internal shuttle around past the kelong and the other 2 resorts mama beach club and mayang sari and had lunch there. i thot mayang sari is a nice relaxing place with little huts and just the beach, whereas nirwana has everything - rooms, swimming pool, beach and shops for last minute sunblock or tit-bits. I dont know what the rates are but it would be romantic and relaxing get away by staying at Mayang Sari can also take the shuttle to nirwana to use the pool. i'd probly do that, booking on weekdays wld be cheaper and i'll make sure i hav enough sunblock and after sun lotion.
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Friday, August 05, 2005


The Girls turn
I thot Candice can still make it to next round. All the best to her - and her BF. As usual top 2 goes on. Silver gota go next round. Altho I like Wai Lian looks like he wont make it to top 2 boys, nonetheless he needs our support. Wonder how to get tix to finals, who would go with me anyway. Nevermind, I'll scream from home.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Did you see the boys sing?
Wei Jian - very good, nice new flavour to old song
Jason - I think your a good singer but not up to the standard of the rest, I'm sorry.
Wei Lian - I wrote to him on the project superstar to use tinted glasses - he did But doesnt match his Fei Yu Ching outfit leh... I support you maybe he was very nervious. His singing got no climax. However still support him hope he got chance to go on.
Jun Yang-looks like he and wei jian will be final 2 boys on stage.
clever choice of song coz most of the judges would like this song.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Yippie Short Hols com'in

Can't wait! will throw everything behind for the moment and leave for isolated island altho many will doing the same since its the short hols. Will be leaving hubby and cat home to go chill with my girlfriend. Come to think of it, there's nothing much I can do - with her.. coz there not much to do on that island. I hope not to lift a finger (which I love doing best) maybe bake under the sun (if any) and do some reading (yea right..) we'll see. Happy hols to you.
ps enjoy the fireworks.

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