Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

I was excited when I received the sms invitation to MoS pre-launch party on 15 Dec 05. Come thursday, reached River Valley Rd at 9pm, joined already long Q outside. When we finally reached inside around 9.30pm. Thinking its crowded inside cos the bouncers were only letting people in one at a time, when we got in, it was not even half filled. We went around 1st floor then took an Escalator to 2nd flr. There was a retro rm with coloured squares on dance floor, retro light projections, retro seats many sizes of disco balls but not very exciting retro hits - which explains even till 12pm nobody at the dance flr, jus people chillin n get'in compfy in the seats. Next rm, Pure - all white, seats like round shaped sofas, a few guys got really comfy on the huge 3-4 seater bean bags - they just took off their shoes & sink in. We cld get seats on 2nd flr looking at DJs & Dance Flr, at 10-11pm people are still streaming in and DJs were jamin but nobody dancing till 'the Justice League' - some angmos dressed in Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Batman ran around the dance floor, many people took out their cameras & started snappin. We continued our tour trying to find our way. Thru every door we opened its either not ready with furniture still in wraps or totally dark, exits to dono where and a few other rooms playing different genres of dance & house music, all decorated differently even the seats. Overall, many seats, many rooms, decor at main dance area not as decorated as Zouk as seen in pictures in magazines. At least its quite covenient - car park next door, facing main road, cant miss.

Monday, December 12, 2005

FINALE: Final 3 - Steph (fav), Rafe (Mastermind) & Dannii (cld hav been voted out before left standing. All thanks to internet, the result is Rafe being voted out leaving Steph - to face a jury which is NOT in favour of her and Dannii - WHO IS THE SURVIVOR GUATEMALA.

I'm sad Steph dint win but this time she wasnt smart playing her game. She seemed like the bad guy whereas actually the mastermind behind who to vote off was Rafe. Lucky him he won a few immunitys. The challenges this time is a lot tougher. We'll definitely see Jeff for the next Survivor. Thot I'll get to see the reunion on Monday nite on Ch 5. Mediacorp wat happened!! Now we'll hav to wait till friday.